Defend Your Undies In Some Yeti on Furry Action



That is, apparently, the plot for developer Ama Studios’ game Yeti on Furry. The 3D defence game has you as the titular cute’n’snuggly Yeti of the Himalayas in a cartoony world trying to fend off intrepid teams of climbers trying to get to you and… steal your boxers. Uhm… right.


To do so, you’ll be rolling boulders and throwing snowballs at the climbers as they trek up the mountain headed to your lair and stash of warm and cuddly underwear. You’ll also be able to unleash some brrrilliant special attacks, including using a massive triangle musical instrument to cause a landslide, or just sneezing and clearing out your sinuses, all of which will be necessary in the some 100 stages. Later ones won’t let you chill out against teleporting climbers and tunnelers!


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The cool bit is that the game is out for not just iOS and Android, but also Windows 8 and Windows phones as well.