Elevator Action Deluxe comes out on PlayStation Network today. It’s a refreshed version of Elevator Action with new weapons and a multiplayer mode. Producer Youske Tsuda said Elevator Action Deluxe was designed with two different play styles in mind. You can shoot your way through with the newly added machine and laser guns or sneak past guards. Players can hide in the blue doors and wait for guards to pass by. The graphics have been redone in 3D and Square Enix even created a third-person Elevator Action shooter… that isn’t part of Deluxe.


"Actually, we created a third-person-shooter for testing purposes that would have brought unique gameplay experiences to life, but…unfortunately, due to the costs of such an undertaking, we had to give up on this. If this game becomes a hit, we might be able to bring you a playable 3D game," producer Yosuke Tsuda said in an interview with the PlayStation Blog.




Anyone interested in an Elevator Action TPS? It sounds a bit odd, but since Taito made an Elevator Action light gun game it isn’t too far removed from Death Parade.

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