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Anything Can Be A Tower Defense Game. Even Romance Of The Three Kingdoms



    You can make anything into a tower defense game, and that also includes the historically rich Romance of the Three Kingdoms series. While traditionally it’s been a slow, turn-based empire-building game ala Civilization or others of that ilk, it’s also got plenty of things in other genres like its own brawler title.


    Now, we’re getting Impregnable Romance of the Three Kingdoms: The Time of Shu’s Copper Sparrow. Yes, that sounds odd, and it’s not really set in the actual canon of the series either—developers Klon are creating a version with characters being rough parallels of the real Three Kingdoms such as Sou Sou instead of Cao Cao.


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    It seems players’ towers will be actual characters that, once placed, have a certain leeway to move around and chase foes as they march down the pathways towards your castle. They’ll also have their own specific attack patterns, making it even more strategic to plan which character to deploy on fights. You can also have them unleash special moves that will (hopefully) devastate enemy ranks. Somewhere in there there’s also a story waiting to happen for protagonist Kyou and the kingdom of Shu.


    Impregnable Romance of the Three Kingdoms: The Time of Shu’s Copper Sparrow will be out for the Nintendo 3DS on the 28th of November in Japan.


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