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Apollo And Trucy Team Up To Solve A Supernatural Case In Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies


    We recently got a look at Miles Edgeworth in Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies, who seems to look older and now wears glasses. Capcom have updated their official Ace Attorney site with new info on the game’s story, along with the profiles of the recently announced characters.


    Apollo had been called in to work by the Wright Anything Agency, Capcom shares, and it was Trucy who was waiting for him.  After meeting up, they reacquaint by talking about Apollo’s thoughts on his long absence from the legal world, following which he accompanies her to a place called Kyubi Village, where a case is waiting to unfold.


    Kyubi village is a festive place, where youkai (Japanese folklore monsters) are immensely popular. The “Youkai Alley” is a part of the village that is livelier than any other area.


    Their destination is a mansion in Kyubi village, where a huge village party is to be held. Trucy was invited by her friend, Yumemi Tenma, who works as a maid at the mansion. Upon seeing Apollo for the first time, the strange girl mistakes him for a demon.


    Once they meet up for the party, their conversation is interrupted by someone in a black youkai suit. However, it isn’t long until a hero-like character, who goes by the name of “Great Kyubi,” comes to the rescue, in a strange turn of events.


    The festivities are cut short after a murder incident is discovered in the mansion. The authorities discover the body of the village chief, along with the mayor of Tenma City. The mayor Tenma, who happens to be Yumemi’s father, is found incapacitated at the scene of the crime.



    It’s said that Tenma had a motive to kill the village chief, as he’s been recently trying to merge the village into his city. He’s considered the prime suspect and promptly arrested. However, Yumemi claims to have seen the murderer herself—the legendary “Tenmataro”.


    According to Kyubi village legend, a long time ago, there was a youkai named Tenmataro, who terrorized the village. After the Kyubi appeared and defeated the yokai, it was sealed away. This would explain why the religious Kyubi villagers seem to harbour a deep fear of this youkai. The above newspaper reads “A Flying Tenmataro!!” as the headline.


    Luckily, Apollo is around to help solve this case. There will be many people, including those who worked with the chief, to testify in court. They all seem either strange or suspicious in their own ways, making the case harder on Apollo.


    Miles Edgeworth:

    2013-05-15_234259 chara_img_mitsurugi_ss02p

    Additionally The genius prosecutor who has gone toe-to-toe against Phoenix Wright on numerous occasions will be making a return. He is currently a top prosecutor and aims to climb even higher. He’s rivals with Phoenix, who shares a different perspective, but both men pursue the truth in court. It has yet to be revealed as to what he’s up to in Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies.



    Trucy Wright:

    Trucy, Phoenix’s adopted daughter, is back, too. Trucy is a young and energetic magician girl who was adopted by Phoenix eight years ago. She actively participates at the Wright Anything Agency as an entertainer and also as an investigative partner.


    One of Trucy’s props are the “Magic Panties” from which she can pull anything out of nothing, as a magic trick.


    Ban Kouzou:

    Ban is an over-enthusiastic detective who investigates for cases. “Justice!” is his motto, and he claims to be a peacekeeper of the people. He can be a little too hot headed when it comes to justice, and can never leave a troubled person behind.


    He will be lending his powers to the lawyers for the sake of a fair trial… in the name of justice, of course.


    Ace Attorney: Dual Destines is slated for release in the West this Fall on Nintendo 3DS.


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