re5Patricia Ja Lee who voiced Jill Valentine (and did live action Haruhi promo videos) says an interview with UnwiredTV she just recorded new voice work for a Resident Evil 5: Director’s Cut. (Thanks for the tip Devin!!)


“So, I guess the news is already out, but I did a voice over for the Director’s Cut of Resident Evil 5,” Ja Lee says around the seven minute mark. “I guess it’s obvious that it’s going to at least be somewhat involving Jill.”





Since the news isn’t from Capcom, it isn’t clear if the “Director’s Cut” is going to be an expanded version of Resident Evil 5 sold in stores or downloadable content. I, like VG247 which discovered the video, think it’s going to be the latter. Doesn’t it feel too early to re-release Resident Evil 5?

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