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Ar noSurge Plus Brings More Bath Scenes And Costumes To Vita



Last week, Gust announced Ar noSurge Plus, a PlayStation Vita port of the RPG featuring new costumes, compatibility with the Vita’s touch screen, and more. 4Gamer gives us a first look at some of the extra content that will be in the handheld version of the game.


[The top picture is from Ar noSurge on PlayStation 3.]


In Ar noSurge Plus, the four key characters of Delta, Earthes, Ion, and Casty will get new costumes. Additionally, the four mentioned characters also get extra costumes upon beating Ar noSurge Plus as an extra bonus.


As previously reported, there will be more characters added to the purification ceremony, a special element in Ar noSurge, where heroines and protagonists take baths together at the hot spring for some in-depth conversation and Genometrica Crystal installing.


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The new characters for the Purification feature will also get new swimsuits for the occasion. The game also adds more costumes for Ion that were originally from Ciel noSurge, as well, in addition to more DLC costumes to come, featuring a bunch of new costumes.


031 032 033

So far, it’s been revealed that Nero, Shurelia, and Sarly are included as new characters for the Purification bath scenes, and each of the three have over 50 different event scenes for it, for more than 150 new events for the girls.


034 [From Ar noSurge on PS3.]

The character touching feature that was highly requested by fans will be available in Ar noSurge Plus on PlayStation Vita, where players can interact with the characters.

035 036

037 038

Furthermore, all the DLC for Ar noSurge on PlayStation 3 that have been released from its release until now, will be available in Plus right off the bat.


Ar noSurge Plus is slated for release on PlayStation Vita on October 2, 2014 in Japan.

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