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Ar NoSurge Shows Off Ciel NoSurge’s Kanon, And One Of Ion’s Special Costumes


After showing off Ion and Cas from Ciel NoSurge, Gust recently revealed that Kanon, Ion’s former political rival, and an adventurous young Sharl by the name Tattoria will be joining the cast in Ar NoSurge. Dengeki gives us a look at the new characters, song magic creatures, and more.



In our earlier report, Gust introduced a “Purification” system, where the protagonist and heroine can enter a hot spring to install Genometrica crystals into their bodies for power ups. The above images show off Ion’s bathing suit costume she will be wearing when she goes for a dip in the waters.




Kanon previously appeared in Ciel NoSurge as Ion’s political rival, once considered a child prodigy. Her full name is actually Kanoile Kukururu Priciel. She is an extraordinary person, who happens to be the youngest in history to have had a contract with the king.


Despite her talent, she remains humble and isn’t one to be overconfident, and continued listening to the voices of the people, in order to gather support as an archbishop candidate.




Tattoria is a Sharl child who runs a chemist shop in a village called “Honokano”. She is often seen with an animal-type Genome called Vio. She seems to have an interest in a ruin called Kurth Hinmel by Honokano village, and gets in trouble by Vio whenever she tries to go exploring.


We previously got a look at some interesting creatures that are part of song magic, Dengeki shows us three more:


Toy Installer (Illustrated by JohnHathway)

This song magic creature seems to have appeared from a toy box, and transformed into some sort of dragon by connecting various toys together.


Sizoidrophia (Illustrated by Izumi Posuka)


This beast might show the appearance of a woman, but it uses its “Burst Value” ability to change the power of song magic to change forms.


Kikotsuyahime (Illustrated by Nagiryo)


Kokotsuyahime is a female sword-wielding song magic creature. Her face is covered by a mask, and one has yet to see what she looks like beneath it.


Ar NoSurge is slated for release on January 30, 2014, for PlayStation 3.

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