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Ar NoSurge Will Let You Dive Into People’s Hearts To Solve Problems


In Ciel NoSurge, players spent time “diving” into the amnesiac Ion’s mind to help awaken her memories. According to Dengeki, it looks like you’ll be doing something similar in Ar NoSurge, except this time you’ll be helping the characters resolve various troubles that are found in the depths of their hearts.


The above is a look at various parts of the colorful lands of Sharanoia. It’s a beautiful place, surrounded by plants and animals; however, due to unknown reasons, it’s been unstable with new lands appearing out of nowhere, and others disappearing.


The above is a tall look at a Sharanoia city called Tenryoshara. It is known for its high-rise building-like tower.


In town, there’s a place called the Bios Shop,  where the protagonist and others will be able to “Dive” into the spiritual world, “Genometrics”. Once you’re inside the Genometrics, characters will be required to solve problems that are in the hearts of the characters, which results in a “Genometrica Crystal,” a product of the character’s deep feelings.


These crystals can be used to power up Delta and the heroines through a “Purification” system that allows you to install them into their bodies for various power ups.


At first, you’ll start out with Cas and Ion, but you’ll soon be able to dive into the hearts of various characters later on in the game; however, you’ll need money and “Dive Points” in order to do so, which can both be acquired by winning fights.


Even though you’ll get to dive into the Genometrics, you won’t be able to see the entire heart right away. As you resolve various problems, bits at a time, you’ll be able to approach the further depths of the heart.


The Genometrics will feature various events, where the characters will reveal certain things they normally wouldn’t in person.


The above is a look at the “Geno Map,” that indicates mental tendencies of the characters. The line seen in the image indicates the bond between the two characters.


Ar NoSurge will be coming out on January 30, 2014, for PlayStation 3.

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