PlayStation 4

Arc of Alchemist Trailer Demonstrates Its Tactical Action Battle System



Compile Heart’s new desert-themed RPG Arc of Alchemist got a new trailer to demonstrate its “Tactical Action Battle System” that focuses on party formations and strategic action battles.


The game has seamless battles while exploring the field. We previously got a look at how the Luna Gear device uses elements to help you out on the field, but they’ll also come to play in battle. You can use two elemental orbs during battle to activate a powerful “Gear Action.”


Quinn’s allies move automatically based on strategy settings, so you’ll get to plan accordingly while taking on powerful enemies.


Arc of Alchemist releases in Japan on November 29, 2018 for PlayStation 4. You can check out a bunch of details on its setting, battle system, and staff here. You can also look at its first screenshots here, a teaser trailer here, and info on its three main characters here.

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