Arc System Works earlier announced their lineup for Tokyo Game Show, and one of the titles set for release this winter will be Swords & Darkness. The Nintendo 3DS e-shop game is a retro-styled action role-playing action game, with knights looking to save the kingdom of Athelstern with a sword in one hand and shield in the other.


Unlike most such 2D side-scrollers, it will be possible to block with that shield—although it’s a directional block. Also unlike most other side-scrollers, it’s possible to beat up downed foes by moving above them and executing downward slashes of your weapon for some sweet chain damage.


Arc says that the game will have a slight RPG element with the ability to level up, swap out equipment and magic and even learn some special moves.


Sword & Darkness will be out for the Nintendo 3DS e-shop in Japan this winter.


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