Arc System Works Brings Battle Fantasia To PC



Arc System Works has announced that they’re bringing Battle Fantasia to PC via Steam in the form of Battle Fantasia: Revised Edition. An English version of the original game was brought to the Xbox 360 in 2008 courtesy of Aksys Games; however, the PC port will only feature the Japanese voiceover.


Battle Fantasia is a fighting game that takes place in a fantasy world, and it adopts hand-drawn visual style akin to that of a storybook. The game revolves around two primary combat mechanics called “GACHI,” a system that lets you parry your opponents attack, and “Heat-Up,” which powers up your character for a set period of time.


Players can fight their way through the game’s story mode with 12 characters, unlocking new costumes on the way. If the 24 scenarios aren’t enough, there’s also a Practice mode where you can hone your skills, as well as a Survival and Time Attack mode for players who feel they can take their game to the next level. Players can enjoy illustrations in the game’s Gallery mode. The online mode from the console versions of the game will also carry over to its PC release.


Battle Fantasia: Revised Edition will be available on July 7th on Steam. Downloading the game will land the player a free digital copy of the game’s soundtrack.