Arc System Works Recently Visited League of Legends Developer Riot Games



Arc System Works has been full of surprises recently, and their latest isn’t in the form of a new game or character reveal, but a little visit to Riot Games’ offices in California. [Thanks, SRK.]



It’s not uncommon to see video game developers visit another company, but it’s rare for it to happen for no reason at all. Arc System Works recently paid a visited the makers of the popular League of Legends, Riot Games, as seen in the above image.


It’s also worth noting that Riot Games did recently acquire Radiant Entertainment, makers of the cancelled free-to-play fighter Rising Thunder, so perhaps something is brewing behind the scenes. Either that or we might see some Guilty Gear or BlazBlue characters guest in League of Legends.


We’ve seen characters from Guilty Gear appear in Square Enix’s Lord of Vermilion games, so it wouldn’t be the first the likes of Guilty Gear’s Sol or Ky, or even Ragna from the BlazBlue series, make guest appearances elsewhere for different games.


And yes, if you’re wondering—Daisuke Ishiwatari did get a chance to chow down on some In-N-Out Burger during his stop in California.