PlayStation Vita

Arc System Works Shows Off More Of Its Co-Op Vita RPG, Fantasy Hero



BlazBlue makers Arc System Works made a PlayStation Vita action RPG called Fantasy Hero: Unsigned Legacy, where you have a transforming hero, gunner, a girl with robot turrets, and a masked wrestler. The game’s official website shows more of the title in a series of videos.



The above video gives you a basic idea of the Fantasy Hero‘s gameplay, where you see the four playable characters taking on everything from jellies to rhino enemies, while exploring different types of dungeons.



The second video, above, provides a look at two rival characters going at it.



This third one’s a trailer about the female character named Ashuta and her treasure. Is it just me, or could she easily pass as Kokonoe’s little sister?



In the fourth video, the characters demonstrate their skills as they compete to show off who has the best ones.



Finally, the last one shows.. a chicken-looking character talking to one of the characters, next to a bunch of sleeping chicken.


Fantasy Hero: Unsigned Legacy is currently available in Japan for PlayStation Vita.

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