Arc the Lad R Announced For Smartphones, Takes Place 10 Years After Arc the Lad II



Sony’s smartphone subsidiary ForwardWorks previously announced that a new Arc the Lad game was in development, and it’s been revealed today as Arc the Lad R for iOS and Android.


Here’s the first trialer for Arc the Lad R:


And a look at a story trailer:

The world was once saved thanks to the sacrifice of a hero and saint. However, a disaster called the “Great Collapse” that shook the world caused half of the continents to sink into the sea, wiping out over half of mankind.


Ten years following the Great Collapse, a boy named Haruto from a vigilante group in Millmana, one of the countries that push for restoration, meets a mysterious girl named Mizuha after a certain incident.


The military empire of Ardia has been rapidly expanding its influence while working on restoring the civilization that existed prior to the disaster. Meanwhile, at the same time, monsters have recovered their forces. The existence of a threat known as the Divine Beasts have also come to light.  The world’s reconstruction was looking smooth, but dark clouds fill the skies, once again.


The peace that was meant to arrive after the major sacrifices is about to vanish, just like that. “Protecting the world you left behind is a really painful task.” The encounter of a boy and a girl, a new plot to surround the world, and the encounter of past heroes—a grand story is ready to begin, once again.




Ten years after the Great Collapse that saw the loss of half the world’s civilization, Arc the Lad R will follow a story told from the perspective of a young man named Haruto from vigilante group. Past heroes will also appear as playable characters.



As for the gameplay, it’ll see the return of familiar tactical battles. It offers simple controls for moving characters, and strategizing against enemy moves. You’ll get to strategize by making parties based on roles and take advantage of auto-skills to win fights. There are also flashy active skills to take out enemies.



You’ll get to power up and evolve characters as part of their growth. By mastering the Spirit Board, a character enters an  “Awakened” state that comes with a massive boost in stats. They can be further enhanced with weapons and armor as well.



The game offers plenty of things to check out, including the “Hunter’s Guild, the “Arena,” and plenty more. The familiar “Underground Ruins” dungeons will also make an appearance. Just what might you find 50 floors underground?


Arc the Lad R is in development for iOS and Android.

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