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Arcade Archives XMultiply Releases Tomorrow On Nintendo Switch And PS4


xmultiply 1

Hamster announced that the Irem shmup about battling tiny aliens within the human body, XMultiply, is getting a re-release via the Arcade Archives lineup.


XMultiply originally released in arcades in 1989 in Japan, and the story premise has colonists on an alien planet being killed by microscopic alien organisms that invade and kill from within. The microscopic fighter X-002 is deployed into a man’s body which hosts the alien queen within.


Check out more screenshots here:

xmultiply 2 xmultiply 3

xmultiply 4 xmultiply 5

xmultiply 6


Arcade Archives XMultiply releases on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 digitally on August 8, 2019.

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