Arcade Monster-Shooter Riddled Corpses Combines The Cute And The Gross



    Spanish studio Diabolical Mind is looking to bring an expanded version of its mobile arcade shooter Riddled Corpses to Windows and Mac. An Indiegogo campaign is underway to fund $600 to pay the chiptune musician and cover working costs.


    This new version of Riddled Corpses will have six varied stages that take you across a desert and a city shooting back the monster plague. One level even has a vehicle to ride while dodging the gross enemies along a freeway.


    There will also be six playable characters, each of which have a unique style of shooting, as well as their own special power. This includes double health, gold duplication, and item magnets. You’ll have to unlock these characters as you play.



    Riddled Corpses will also have two game modes, each with online leaderboards attached to them, which are Arcade and Survival. The Arcade mode can be played with a friend co-operatively.


    Currently, Riddled Corpses is on Steam Greenlight. More information about the game’s enemies, items, and characters can be found there. It will have controller support on PC.

    Chris Priestman

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