Arcade Platformer Damsel Is All About Fast-Paced Undead Blasting

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Damsel gives players a UV shotgun, a lethal dashing attack, and a cleaving melee attack, then tasks them with clearing the streets of vampires as fast as they can, racking up points the quicker they complete their bloody work.


Damsel casts the player as a government agent out to deal with well-dressed, corporate vampires. To do so, players will have to explore the filthy streets of the city, cutting or shooting down any undead creatures they find out there. Each dead creature adds to the player’s score, but the faster they can string these kills together, and the flashier the moves they use, the more points they’ll receive, letting them climb the online leaderboards.

Damsel features a Campaign Mode that will help players train in the game’s combat techniques, as well as an Arcade Mode that offers extra challenge (and more points) for those who can complete it. Players can also pick up bonus challenges in the bite-sized stages so that they can boost their score even more, but these challenges involve some tricky moves and dangerous situations.


Damsel is available now on Steam Early Access.

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