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Arcade Shmup FullBlast Will Let You Shoot Giant Squids And Centipedes On Wii U



UFO Crash Games is bringing its 3D shmuper FullBlast over to Wii U on the European eShop on June 4th.


And it’s about time the Wii U got another classic-style arcade shmup. If you’re looking for a decent one on the console then your current options are pretty much limited to Gaiabreaker, Nano Assault Neo, and if you include Virtual Console titles then there’s MUSHA too. All good games but there’s only so many times even a shmup fan can play those.



Hopefully FullBlast can help to plug that hole in the Wii U eShop’s catalog. It has 12 levels, three bosses, power-ups as well as power-downs (you’ll need to be careful what you pick up), and a heavy metal soundtrack.


As you’ll see in the trailer, it has more than just formations of ships to turn into fire balls too. There are giant squids to tackle, bog-eyed fish at the bottom of the ocean, and huge centipedes crawling over cities. It also has once particularly satisfying touch: when ships do blow up a comic book-style “BOOM” pops out.

Chris Priestman