Archlord II Opens Doors To Its Open Beta



Archlord II has finished up with its closed beta, and is now opening its doors for all comers for its open beta.


Archlord 2_01

The open beta will allow you to choose only one race, and cap players at level 40. During the open beta, evening hours for each server will run three different battlegrounds for testing purposes and so you can get a feel for fighting.


Archlord 2_05

Archlord 2_03 Archlord 2_04

Archlord II’s player versus environment sections will also be open for testing, and if you think you can cut it, you’ll even be allowed to enter dungeons all by your lonesome. The game also insists it isn’t a key spamming game, instead requiring players to master chaining attacks and filling them in with other attacks in-between.


Archlord 2_02

The MMORPG is heavily focused on the player-versus-player aspect, with gamers picking from one of either the Azuni or Crunn sides. Eventually, you’ll get to take part in massive battles where one player on the server gets crowned Archlord. Said player gets special benefits unique to the leader of the realm till the next big fight.


Archlord II is in open beta on PC now.