ARCREVO Online 2020 Scheduled For October

ARCREVO Online 2020

ARCREVO Online 2020 has been scheduled for October. This event will be hosted by Arc System Works, and the Japanese and American tournaments will be held separately. However, there are plans to hold a competition between both America and Japan for BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle and Granblue Fantasy: Versus in 2021 between the winners of both respective games within their regions. [Thanks, Gematsu and Famitsu!]

The line up of games for ARCREVO America Online 2020 are as follows:

  • BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle
  • Granblue Fantasy: Versus

It is a fair bit smaller than the Japanese line up for ARCREVO Japan Online 2020, which will include the following:

  • BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle
  • Granblue Fantasy: Versus
  • BlazBlue: Central Fiction
  • Guilty Gear Xrd: Rev 2
  • Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[cl-r]

You can read more about the event through the official website. Both a Japanese and an American portal are available for those interested in more information. Arc System Works will release more information about the upcoming tournaments at a later date.

In addition to the announcement of the tournament, two special pieces of promotional art have been released. The key art for the upcoming tournament was created in collaboration between the Cygames Illustration team and Arc System Works illustrator and designer Konomi Higuchi. You can take a look at these illustrations below.

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