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Are You Okay? It’s Time For Siliconera’s Third Smash Bros. Ultimate Night! [Update 2]


Update: Due to some complications, the new time for the event will be 4pm PT/6pm CT/7pm ET on November 23, 2019 until 7pm PT/9pm CT/10pm ET.

Update 2: Room is now open. ID: HQCQF and Password: 23112019


With Terry’s inclusion, there’s no way we’re not holding another Super Smash Bros. Ultimate night! The community event will be held tomorrow, on November 23.


Like last time, we are planning to host the event from 4pm PT/6pm CT/7pm ET until 7pm PT/9pm CT/10pm ETso join if you can! We’ll be putting out reminders via updates to this post,  on Open Thread, and on Discord. The rooms tend to disconnect if no one is in them, so make sure to look for the latest one!


The rules are:

  • 4-player Free For All
  • 3 stock matches
  • No Spirits.
  • Some stages disabled due to size
  • No Items
  • Final Smash Gauge on
  • Have Fun!


I’ll be playing ‘Judgment’ from Metal Slug 2 in the room. The Arena name will be ‘Siliconera 1’, and the password will be 23112019. I’ll update this post with the Arena code around 3pm PT tomorrow. Stay tuned!


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is available on Nintendo Switch.

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