When They Aren’t Making Naruto, CyberConnect 2 Make RPGs Like Death God Messiah



    system_howto_abyss02CyberConnect 2, who’ve made games such as JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle, the .hack series and Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm are coming out with their own smartphone game called Death God Messiah. In this semi-3D action-RPG game, players control one of six characters who are Death Gods, humans who are meant to hunt down Demons out for Mankind’s karma.


    What’s cool is that while the core of the game relies around collecting, leveling and combining cards (Which happen to be women) and crafting new weapons to use, battles are in full 3D.


    Players select several of their currently drawn cards to combine, powering up their equipped weapon to bash foes into oblivion. Those beautifully drawn 2D art cards make up a specific deck, which you can tweak outside of battle.


    The game is already out on Android, with a iOS release “Soon” and what’s real cool is the first three seasons of the game’s storyline have been released, with the fourth on the way. Each of these tells a tale that will eventually fully explain what’s going on with the Demons plaguing the Earth and our part in the battles. The six characters will all have a part to play, and are Van, Misaki, Kisch, Nina, Scyne and Tuty.


    system_howto_story01 system_howto_story02 system_howto_story04

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