Arknights 2.5 Anniversary

Arknights 2.5 Anniversary Previews Invitation to Wine Event

The global edition of Arknights sees its 36th month in operation soon. This milestone is enough for Yostar and Hypergryph to call it an anniversary and celebrate. The Arknights 2.5 Anniversary stream previewed new content and events for the game. Coming soon is a limited-time Arknights event, called “Invitation to Wine”. Like Who is Real and Ancient Forge before it, Invitation to Wine is a Lunar New Year event, rescheduled to adapt to the global edition’s event pacing.

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Check out an anime trailer for Invitation to Wine.

Like previous related Arknights events, Invitation to Wine involves a sister of the Yanese Operator Nian. Where Who is Real introduced Dusk, the eleventh of Nian’s siblings, Invitation to Wine focuses on Ling, third eldest. Ling is a carefree poet who can manipulate dreams. All three of the siblings (and their other, unidentified sisters) are fragments of Sui, a powerful Yanese deity. While another new character, Lee, investigates the provenance of a mysterious wine cup, the Rhodes Island Operators Kroos and Mr. Nothing enter the heartland of Yan to track down Ling.

The Arknights Invitation to Wine event kicks off on July 29, 2022 and ends on August 12, 2022. It’ll bring with it a new Headhunting banner. On it is Ling, as a limited unit, while Lee will join the general pool of potential recruits. Another banner will give players a new opportunity to recruit Nian and Dusk, who are normally limited units. Since it’s the 2.5 Anniversary of Arknights, players will have a free roll each day of the event on Ling’s banner. They’ll also get a free ten-roll ticket when the event goes live. Other new Operators for the Invitation to Wine event include Blacknight (not to be confused with The Black Knight from the “Break the Ice” event), and Kroos the Keen Glint. Kroos the Keen Glint is a 5-Star Alternate Operator upgrade of low-rarity mainstay Kroos. She’ll have a new look and upgraded skills and talents.

Besides detailing the Invitation to Wine event, Yostar and Hypergryph previewed the Arknights anime with a new trailer. They also released a new “lore” video detailing some of the nations in the game world of Terra. This second “Discovered Terra” video gives an overview of the Arknights world map, describing the different factions that have appeared in the game’s main story and events.

The Arknights 2.5 Anniversary celebration is ongoing. The Invitation to Wine event begins on July 29, 2022. The game can be played on iOS and Android devices. Check out the previous “Discovered Terra” video for descriptions of areas involved in earlier parts of the story.

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