Arknights Rainbow Six Siege Crossover Event Teased

Arknights Rainbow Six Siege

The world of Arknights is called Terra, but its roster of playable Operators is about to get a few new additions from a place called Earth. Yostar and Hypergryph confirmed the kick-off for a crossover event between Arknights and Rainbow Six Siege. The announcement was accompanied by an Operation Originium Dust trailer teasing some of the new characters that will be added to the game.

Arknights isn’t the first anime-inspired free-to-play game to cross over with Ubisoft’s Tom Clancy-branded titles. The MICA Team-developed tactical game Girls’ Frontline crossed over with Tom Clancy’s The Division in February 2021.

Based on the appearance of the statues being carved out (and confirmed by Hypergryph’s Arknights 1.5 year Anniversary Live Stream), the new Operators added by the Arknights X Rainbow Six Siege crossover will be based on four members of Team Rainbow. The first is a 5-Star Guard-class Operator based on Tachanka. A heavily armored operator wielding a machine gun and a grenade launcher, Tachanka will be obtainable from the event for free.

A second 5-Star Specialist-class Operator is based on the character Frost. Frost focuses on placing trap gadgets on the map, including Welcome Mats, mechanized leg traps that can hold enemy units in place when they pass over the devices.

The third Rainbow Operator is a 5-Star Defender based on the shield-wielding Rainbow soldier Blitz. Equipped with a pistol and a shield studded with damaging flash charges, Blitz plays similarly to the existing Arknights Operator Liskarm. 

The final Rainbow Operator to be added in the Arknights X Rainbow Six Siege event is the only new 6-Star unit, a Sniper-class based on Rainbow Forward Operations leader Ash. Ash can switch from her default pistol to an assault rifle to up her firepower or use a limited-ammunition grenade launcher to fire breaching rounds that can damage enemies and push them back.

All Rainbow Six Siege Operators except Tachanko will be available on a special premium Headhunting banner. The event will also give away free rolls on the banner during the duration of the event.

For the event itself, the Arknights x Rainbow Six Siege crossover will follow the standard structure of Arknights side story events. Players will view cutscenes and play on special stages, some of which have new or bespoke mechanics. Completions will earn them currency that can be traded in at the event shop for goodies like upgrade materials or copies of Tachanka. The costume store will also have special cosmetic skins for Ash, Tachanka, and the existing Arknights characters Schwartz and Liskarm.

The Arknights x Rainbow Six Siege crossover event begins on August 18, 2021. The game is immediately available on mobile devices.

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