Armor Blitz Hopes To Make Tank Girls The Next Thing


Moe Tank Splash


Ship girls and sword boys may be popular in Japan thanks to series like Kantai Collection and Touken Ranbu, but Gaudium’s Armor Blitz is hoping to make tank girls the next thing. The title is one of the newest games up for voting on the Square Enix Collective, in hopes people will be interested enough in the strategic, card collecting and strategic battling game.


Each of the playable characters in Armor Blitz is an anthropomorphized version of a World War II tank. The player is the General in charge of collecting the girls and helping them battle against fellow tanks that have been tainted by The Corruption. The goal is to succeed in battles on Factoria, build up a collection of strong tank girls, and advance across the map to take strategic points.



armor blitz 5 armor  blitz 1 armor blitz 2  armor blitz 4 armor blitz 3

Armor Blitz has a 2016 release window and will come to Android devices. It is up for voting on the Square Enix Collective, in hopes of acquiring more funding to produce a better quality product that appears on more platforms.

Jenni Lada
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