ARPG Goken Powers Players Up With Their Choice Of Tattoos


Goken’s hero grows stronger depending on the tattoos you give them, having them grow stronger in various ways based on body art. 


In this ARPG, the gods had given a swordsman five swords, with which the swordsman brought peace to the world. Afterwards, though, those weapons turned on the gods, causing them to seal the swordsman away. Now, five thousand years later, players take on the role of another warrior to fight in isometric combat.

In this world of magic swords and deities, players can equip two different weapons at once to two buttons, allowing them to put together their own weapon combinations to allow for unique combos. These will let players craft the play to their own style, but certain bosses, stages, and scenarios will require they use specific weapons, so it will help if players get used to them all.


Goken’s hero grows stronger over the course of the adventure, doing so through tattoos the player places on them. Each of these tattoos has different stat building properties, as well as new special moves, so depending on the art they place on the hero’s skin, they will develop in different ways.

Goken is available now on Steam.

Alistair Wong
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