Artifact Adventure Gaiden Is An Action RPG Where Players Have Three Years To Save The Future


Artifact Adventure Gaiden is an action RPG about choice, giving players an open world and three years to take the actions they think will do them the most good when a cataclysmic event occurs at the end of that time.


Artifact Adventure Gaiden, sequel to Artifact Adventure, casts the player out into a wide open world, letting them do whatever the want to do and join up with whichever adventurers they like along the way. Players are free to start off with wealth, battle prowess, or the freedom to travel easily, using these powers to explore the world and look for help for the coming cataclysm. No one will force the player to do this, though, so they are free to squander their time wandering fields, killing beasts, or stealing treasures if they like.

Artifact Adventure Gaiden offers simple sidescrolling battles, where players have an array of powers they can use as they move themselves into their enemies. While this system is straightforward, the various combat abilities give players some interesting options to decide on as they battle to save the world (or just because they’re messing around in monster caverns).


Artifact Adventure Gaiden is available now on Steam and Playism.

Alistair Wong
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