Artist’s Mock-Up For A Daisy Game Turns Her Into A Badass



Last year, game creator and pixel artist Joakim Sandberg made a mock-up to show how he would produce a game based on Princess Daisy from the Mario games. Now, another artist has taken the same concept one step further.


This time it’s an artist going by the name “The Artrix” who has realized Daisy in her very own videogame. He says that he began working sporadically on this concept for a game called “Daisy’s Quest” back in October 2014. It started with a run cycle (called “Super Kickass Daisy”) but then he ended up working on more animations to bring Daisy to life.


Now, as you can see in the video above, Daisy has a composed, dainty walk fit for a princess, as well as an eager and springy run (even her tiara bounced on her head) that requires her to hold the dress up from the ground. She can also skid along the ground to change direction, complete with dust flung up from the friction in her shoes.


At the moment, this mock-up only exists as a series of animations in After Effects. However, The Artrix writes that “one of [his] friends expressed interest in plopping the assets into Unity to see if he can work something out. Who knows.” Maybe it will become something more.

Chris Priestman
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