Nintendo DS

ASH gets a release date…in Japan


ash_scan.jpgIf you've been keeping a steady eye on Mistwalker's ASH (Archaic Sealed Heat), then you'll be glad to know that this scan on the left (click to enlarge) from Jeux-France via Shonen Jump magazine reveals the release date for ASH, October 4th, 2007, as well as some new information regarding the same. One of the most highlighted features of ASH, as indicated in one of the screenshots in the scan on the bottom left, is how the game will have a Bahamut Lagoon feel to it combat wise. If you've never heard of Bahamut Lagoon, Bahamut Lagoon's battle system was a mixture of SRPG and turn-based elements; meaning battles were dictated in a typical SRPG structure (move unit next to enemy or somewhere on the field) yet battles were conducted in a typical turn-based fashion with a set amount of characters (4 in Bahamut Lagoon), participating. Looks like ASH will be the spiritual successor to Bahamut Lagoon.


Should we cover ASH?