Ash Of Gods: Redemption Is A Tactical Game That Rewards Risk-Takers


    Ash of Gods is a tactical RPG that looks to reward risk-takers, offering better attacks for sacrificing HP, better attack cards in combat for smaller parties, or saved resources for taking short, but dangerous routes through its world.


    With seven hundred years of peace about to end and the return of the dangerous Reapers, players had best prepare themselves for warfare. Combat is carried out on grids, with players moving individual characters around the battlefield for the best positions. Once ready to attack, players will draw from that character’s class and abilities to strike in their own unique ways. However, players also have access to cards that allow characters to use very powerful attacks, and risk-taking players may get more of these, allowing them to turn the tide in battle by using a smaller party.

    Players can feel safe in whatever strategy they build, as there are no random chances to hit to factor into their strategy. If the player has created their plan well, it will work without chance getting in the way. That said, the game’s AI adapts to the player’s battle style, so sticking to any once tactic for long will result in the game finding ways to counteract it. Players will need to stay fluid to overcome their foes in Ash of Gods: Redemption.


    Players will be tasked with making decisions outside of combat as well as within it, choosing how to proceed through the game’s narrative as well as their relationships with characters and warring factions. These decisions can take the player’s party down shorter paths, offering greater challenges but better savings on supplies, but can lead to ruinous moments when major party members die permanently. The game still moves on without these characters, though, finishing the story without their presence.

    Ash of Gods: Redemption is available now on Steam.

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