Strategy game Ash of Gods will have players making decisions that affect the story, allowing them so much freedom that they can make a decision so poorly that it will kill their hero. However, the story will continue on regardless, forcing the player to move on despite their major failure.


After seven hundred years, Terminum is about to see the end of peace with the return of the reapers, who mean to bring about bloodshed to awaken the sleeping gods. Players will be able to make decisions that will stop this outcome, guiding the story of Ash of Gods’ world by choosing which narrative branches to go down. These decisions can sometimes result in a character’s death, including the leader of the player’s party, but the game will still keep the player going without this character, forcing them to deal with the catastrophic party consequences.

Players are taught to make do with what they have early on in Ash of Gods’ strategic combat. Players will have access to a number of abilities for their characters (depending on their class). These each have specific characteristics with no random number rolling to add chance to the proceedings. Players will know exactly what they can do, so each hit can be carefully decided. Players also have access to cards that can make a difference in combat, but again, only if used properly. The AI steadily adapts to how players battle, though, so players should expect a constant challenge.


Players earn extra rewards for challenging themselves a bit more in these fights, though. They can earn extra cards from playing through battles with fewer party members should they wish, which gives them greater treasures for winning if they can pull it off. They can also earn these through PvE co-op matches or PvP online battles against other players, giving them more tools to win.

Ash of Gods is due to release in March of 2018, according to its Steam page.

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