Asian Fantasy MMORPG ASTA’s First Beta Test Lasts Until November 10th


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Webzen has launched the initial beta test of Asian fantasy MMORPG ASTA – The War of Tears and Winds. This first beta test will last until November 10th. A second beta test phase is due to launch later in November.


Anyone with a Webzen account is able to join the beta and you can sign-up for free over on the official website. This first beta test lets you level up a character to level 50.


The game’s world is inspired by Asian myth and legend and sees two factions fighting over it. There’s the Asu, followers of the goddess Arita, and the Ora, the disciples of the dark god Umra. Within each faction are three races and a total of five classes to choose from.


Each faction has its own storyline to follow with seven areas to explore each (not including starting areas which are different for each race). You can go on co-op public quests, meet people from the opposing faction in open world PvP, as well as enter dungeons and team arenas.

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