Yes, Dragon Quest X is an online game, but Square Enix designed the battle system so it plays like a regular Dragon Quest game. Players will have familiar commands to choose from: fight, magic, skill, item, and tactics. The latter command is used to give AI controlled party members orders. Touch a monster and a fight begins. Battles take place in real time, but you don’t have to wait for everyone before attacking. You can choose a command as soon as its your character’s turn to strike.


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Earlier Dragon Quest games had monsters with spells that make your characters lose a turn because they were too busy dancing. In Dragon Quest X, your character will actually dance in place. Neighboring parties, as well as your group, will watch your elf boogie down. Players can form four member teams in Dragon Quest X. If a battle gets too difficult you can invite a nearby party to help or escape by running across a line outside of the combat area.




Dwachakka is the home of Dragon Quest X’s dwarves. This area is probably the most inhospitable region with volcanoes and deserts, but the dwarves made the land livable through their advanced technology.


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