Assassin’s Creed IV Gets Manga With Art From Welcome to the NHK Artist



In this month’s edition of Jump X magazine in Japan, Ubisoft’s piratical plunderer and sea-wanderin’ assassin Edward Kenway from Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag makes the transition from game character to manga character with a special serialization from Japanese publisher Shueisha.


The manga story is an all-original version filling in bits and pieces of the tale of Edward (on the right), just in time for some hype-building before its November 28 release in Japan.


While we don’t have details on what exactly the manga will cover, Edward’s backstory in Black Flag sees the latest protagonist with a more divided path ahead of him.


With ties to both the Knights Templar and Assassin organizations of his time, he sails the seas between the explorable towns of Havana, Kingston and Nassau plundering and doing what he will before events catch up to him and force him to decide. The addition of ships and sailing means sea-combat and the ability to explore the open seas for uncharted islands and booty, as well as sea combat.


The artist behind the manga version is Welcome to the NHK’s artist Kenji Oiwa, with Japanese historical novelist Takashi Yano also on board.