Assault Spy’s New Update Ends Asaru’s Story




Eventually, Assault Spy will have two storylines. However, the early access build has been starting with Asaru’s incomplete adventure. Thanks to a June 24, 2018 patch, it is now possible to fight his story’s final boss, watch an epilogue and get a clear game flag.


Asaru’s story can now continue to the Executive Area after completing the Back Lot. While many elements here are placeholders or not yet created, the final boss is there. Once defeated, you can see the ending cutscene. Your save file gets a star as a clear game flag. While no New Game Plus elements are included, loading a clear game flagged save will start you at the prologue. In addition, the options menu now includes an option to skip cutscenes.


Assault Spy’s latest trailer shows how the game is looking so far.


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Assault Spy is in Early Access for PCs.

Jenni Lada
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