ASTA Wants To Be “The Asian Version Of World Of Warcraft”


After five years of development, the open beta for ASTA – The War of Tears of Winds opens up on November 3rd.


You can sign-up to be part of the beta over on the game’s website but all you’ll need is an active account to participate. The beta test will last for about a month and once it’s finished all characters and progress will be wiped.


Back in 2013, when ASTA was first entering beta testing, it was being published by NHN rather than Webzen. At the time, NHN touted the game as the “Asian version of World of Warcraft.” It’s not a terrible summation of the game.

ASTA (2)

Essentially, it’s an MMORPG in a fantasy land inspired by Asian myths and legends. It has everything you’d expect from a classic MMO experience, including customizable attributes and talent trees, which Webzen says “allows players to have more freedom within the game and to create their perfect character.” The publisher adds that there’s also a Divine Spirit System and jewellery crafting for further fine-tuning.


ASTA will also have a dungeon and raid finder for easy co-op group play, as well as PvP battlegrounds, arenas, and guild battles for more competitive play.

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