An Asthmatic Boy Flees Shadowy Horrors In Hollow Rhyme



A little boy awakens inside of a dark school, and is forced to flee from the monsters that creep through the shadows in sidescrolling horror game Hollow Rhyme. It’s difficult for him to flee when he’s asthmatic, though, easily losing his breath as he runs.




Players will wander very dark halls in Hollow Rhyme, searching for tools and items that will let them solve puzzles or open doors to let them escape this haunted school. As they look around, they’ll be stalked by the monsters that occupy this place, and have to run to get away from them.


Running away isn’t a simple task due to the boy’s asthma. This will stop him from running if he pushes himself too hard, forcing him to stop to take his puffer. Taking it while under stress is also difficult, requiring players go through a short minigame as they try to get the boy’s breathing under control. All the while, the monster will be catching up, adding stress to the player who’s trying to complete the minigame.




Hollow Rhyme is set to take place across three chapters, going from the school to other locations in the night, slowly unveiling how the boy came to this odd place.


Hollow Rhyme is raising votes on Steam Greenlight, and looks to release early this year.

Alistair Wong
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