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Astral Chain Super Smash Bros Ultimate Spirit Board Event Begins January 17, 2020

astral chain super smash bros ultimate spirit board

An Astral Chain Super Smash Bros Ultimate crossover has been revealed, but it isn’t adding a member of the Neuron Task Force and their Legions as a playable character. Rather, a Spirit Board event inspired by the series is on the way on January 17, 2020. Until January 21, 2020, people will have a chance to collect four Spirits inspired by the game.

Three of the Astral Chain Super Smash Bros Ultimate Spirits are immediately recognizable. The twin protagonists each appear with a different Legion. The female version has the Sword Legion by her side. The male version has the Arrow Legion. (Going by the game, this could suggest the male version is Akira Howard, since the player character always begins with the Sword Legion in Astral Chain.) Lappy, the Ark Police Force mascot played by Marie Wentz, and Kyle, the leader of the District 09 Hermits hacker group, will also appear on the board.

In Astral Chain, players are a member of a special police force and happen to be paired up with an otherworldly being called a Legion. You fight alongside them to protect people on the Ark from creatures called Chimera that are invading society. Due to a series of events, you eventually are able to collect five different Legions that each offer different abilities to help you fight battles and solve cases.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Astral Chain are both available for the Nintendo Switch.

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