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Astral Chain’s Gameplay Style Is Between Bayonetta And NieR: Automata With A Bunch Of Cats



We got to see the latest trailer of PlatinumGames’ upcoming action game Astral Chain at E3 2019, and Nintendo shared a “Three Things You Might Not Know About” video for it featuring director Takahisa Taura.


Takahisa Taura, who worked as a designer for NieR: Automata, starts out his three points by saying that that Astral Chain’s play style is “right in the middle of Bayonetta and NieR: Automata,” so those familiar with either of those games should feel comfortable jumping in.


The second point he makes is more about the game’s action with the “Dual Action” system which involves controlling two characters at once. Not only do you control two characters to fight one enemy, but you’ll be using two character to fight against multiple enemies. You can also use Legions in various forms and the main character can use items to suppor the Legions, so gameplay style can vary quite a bit.


Lastly, for the third point, Taura says that Astral Chain will have lots of cats in it. Various kinds of cats appear, and you find them in all kinds of places. Finding them is a fun little something the developers threw in, so he hopes players look forward to it.


Astral Chain releases for Nintendo Switch on August 30, 2019. Check out its E3 2019 trailer in our previous report.

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