Astrologaster Casts Players As (Somewhat Silly) 16th Century Astrologers



Astrologaster will have players acting as 16th-century astrologers, reading stars and signs in order to help the local populace deal with love problems, sickness issues, terrorist woes, and cutlery difficulties.


Astrologaster puts players in control of Simon Forman, a real-world Elizabethan astrologer, using his abilities to read the stars to help various people with their personal problems. Depending on how well the player manage to do this and guide these people in their lives, they’ll be rewarded with influence and legitimacy, expanding their clientele and giving them more chances to ‘help’ people.

Forman’s problems aren’t just tied to misreading a star, though. The London medical community wishes to discredit Forman after he came in and worked throughout the plague (during which the doctors all fled), so players will need to keep their predictions sharp if they wish to keep their job.


Despite the historical subject matter, Astrologaster aims to use it as a springboard for some ridiculous situations and silly storylines, offering a lighthearted look at the Elizabethan astrologer.

Astrologaster is set to release in Q4 of 2018, according to its Steam page.

Alistair Wong
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