Asuka Langley Says Games Industry Pays More For Voiceover Work


Tiffany Grant Recently, we were able to catch up with Tiffany Grant, the dub voice actress behind characters such as Asuka Langley from Evangelion and Altena from Noir, at the SMASH convention in Australia.


Ms. Grant was kind enough to give us some of her time, to talk about about her career and her personal outlook on voiceover work for anime versus videogames. Two titles she was involved with on the game front were Deus Ex: Invisible War and Unlimited Saga. When asked if she would like to return to working in games, she explained that the industry pays more than anime.


“Yes, because it pays more,” we were told. “The city where I live, Houston, there’s not a lot of that work going on there, but yes, any of the voiceover for video games, I would love to do that again.”


Ms. Grant also touched upon the state of the anime industry in Japan, and the ever-present risk of talent moving over the videogame side entirely, due to the greater financial prospects.


“Even in the early 2000s, [anime] was still going quite strong, up until about 2004, before it started completely collapsing in on itself, and I just hope that there can still be some people hanging on and not everyone doesn’t totally move over into video games where they can actually make money,” she told us.


“Like the artists and directors and so forth.”