Atelier 25th Anniversary Merchandise Includes Barrel Mug, Ryza’s Key


A number of Atelier merchandise is going to appear in May 2022 for games like Atelier Ryza. Among them will be a mug shaped like the Atelier series’ legendary barrel, items with the new illustration of Ryza on them, acrylic stands of heroines from the series, keychains, pins, and a Ryza key necklace. It is all appearing in honor of Atelier 25th anniversary. [Thanks, AmiAmi!]

First, here’s the Atelier series 25th anniversary mug. AmiAmi is selling it for ¥8,800 (~$72). It is actually made of cedar wood with a beech handle. There’s also an exclamation point etched into the bottom. An Atelier series staple is being able to send a character up to a barrel to have them inspect it and say, “Barrel!”

There are also a number of items with the new art from Atelier Ryza artist Toridamono on it. For example, one is a ¥16,500 (~$135) framed piece of art. It is also available as a ¥3,850 (~$32) B2 wall scroll, a ¥2,200 (~18) acrylic stand, and in a ¥2,200 (~$18) set that includes a clear file, keychain, and pin with the design on them.

There are also a large number of acrylic stands featuring heroines from throughout the series. One variation involves the leads looking like they’re standing in front of flasks. These are ¥1,430 (~$12) each. Ayesha, Escha, Firis, Logy, Lulua, Lydie, Meruru, Rorona, Ryza (Atelier Ryza 1 and 2 versions are available), Shallistera, Shallotte, Sophie (Atelier Sophie 1 and 2 versions are availble), Suelle, and Totori are all available. Another involves the alchemists and books. More characters appear as options for these styles. In addition to the other characters, there are also ones for Elie, Marie, Iris, Judie, Lilie, Lita, Nelke, Ulrika, Vayne, Viese, and Viorate. Those are ¥1,650 (~$14) each. Additional anniversary visual ones are ¥990 (~$8).

As for the keychains and pins, those are being sold in sets at AmiAmi. The Atelier 25th anniversary tin badge sets each include eight pins for ¥3,520 (~$29). Volume 1 includes Ayesha, Escha, Logy, Meruru, Rorona, both Shallies, and Totori. Volume 2 includes Firis, Lulua, Lydie, two versions of Ryza, two versions of Sophie, and Suelle.

The keychains are divided up in a similar manner. There are two sets of eight, which each cost ¥5,720 (~$47). The breakdown of characters is the same as the the pins.

Finally, there’s the Ryza’s key necklace. It costs ¥2,970 (~$24) and is designed to resemble the one she wears in Atelier Ryza 2. It is made of zinc and arrives on a leather cord.
Ryza's key necklace

The Atelier series 25th anniversary merchandise is expected to ship in May 2022.

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