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Atelier Ayesha Befriends A Dragon Hunter And Elemental Summoning Witch



Gust gave us a look at two more playable characters in Atelier Ayesha. The heroine in this alchemy RPG is looking for her sister. She was described by Gust as a lonely girl after her grandfather passed away and her sister went missing, but she has lots of friends now! Like…


Wilbell Voll ErsLied a 14 year old witch. Blood type: B Height: 4 ft. 8 inches

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Wilbell comes from a family of witches and says one day in the future she’s going to be a great witch. Right now, Wilbell can’t even fly. She’s venturing around the world in pursuit of a method that will let her fly in the skies. As the youngest child in her family, Wilbell has a cheeky personality and tends to be over confident. Wilbell thinks ruins are a good place to study so she decides to follow Ayesha.


In battle, Wilbell casts spells like Meteor Storm and she can also summon elements.

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Juris Grunden – a 20 year old hunter. Blood type: O Height: 6 ft.

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Juris is used to living life in the wild. He hunts animals for food, a skill he learned from his family. To be recognized as a true hunter, Juris must defeat a dragon and make scale mail from its remains. When Juris completes this task he will be recognized as an adult and he plans to take care of his family upon his return. Juris has a younger sister around Ayesha’s age. When Ayesha meets Juris, he’s reluctant to talk about the past, a hint that something important happened before the events in Atelier Ayesha. Counterattack is one of Juris’ moves in combat.


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Atelier Ayesha uses Gust’s Cost Turn Battle system, which lets players walk around the battlefield during a skirmish. Players need to take distance in account since ally characters can jump in for a support attack if they are nearby. Spells and skills have range so you can target the entire party if everyone is close together, but this also leaves you open to enemy attacks that can hit multiple characters. It sounds like players will have to balance when to huddle the heroes in a group and when to split apart.


Position is another key element since you can strike enemies with a back attack if you can sneak behind them. Back attacks will deal critical damage.


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Atelier Ayesha comes out on June 28 for PlayStation 3.

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