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Atelier Lulua Reveals Lulua’s Motive To Travel, And The Awakening Effect System


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Koei Tecmo revealed more information on Atelier Lulua this week, in regards to Lulua’s ability to read ancient text, Lulua’s motive to set off on her journey, and the new Awakening Effect system used when synthesizing items. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]


The Alchemy Riddle

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The Alchemy Riddle is an ancient text only Lulua can read. When Lulua is in trouble, it begins to glow, and suddenly more information on alchemy will appear in the text. What is the true meaning of the Alchemy Riddle?


Who wrote this book? Why did it appear to Lulua? Lulua doesn’t seem to care much about the mysteries behind the book itself, as long as she can use it to learn alchemy and become an alchemist like her mother.


The Atelier in Danger

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While Rorona’s away, a letter arrives for her. It turns out to be a letter from the Arland Republic notifying that Atelier Rorona’s business license is about to expire. In order to keep her mother’s atelier afloat, Lulua sets off on a journey to Arland.


After reading the letter, Lulua goes into a panic, but decides to go to Arland after hearing Piana’s advice. As she sets off with excitement at making her way to her mother’s homeland, what sort of adventures await her along the way?



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Atelier Lulua’s exploration elements are based off those in Atelier Totori, where as you explore the map, you’ll open new areas. Some locations may even open up after reading the Alchemy Riddle.


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As you collect info on the monsters and items on the map, your exploration percentage will rise. When it reaches 100%, you’ll have an increased chance of finding rare items.


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One of the places Lulua will visit is the Eternal Spring Woods, which acts as the water source for Arklys. In order to find the ingredients to make the item requested by Aurel, the Alchemy Riddle guides Lulua to the area.


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Awakening Effects

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“Awakening Effects” are a new synthesis system where hidden effects from synthesis materials are used to create items with effects not normally included. For example, you can get an item with fire attributes to make a Luna Stone that has both fire and lightning attributes.


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Awakening Effects can also be used to add a new category to synthesized items. For example, when using the “Awakening (Flavoring)” effect, you’ll be able to use items like neutralizing agents as a Flavoring category item as well.


Atelier Lulua: The Scion of Arland releases in Japan on March 20, 2019 for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Check out Totori and Mimi’s appearances in our previous report here.

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