Atelier Online’s Teaser Trailer Shows Off Multiplayer Gathering, Synthesis, And Battles



Following the announcement of Atelier Online, Koei Tecmo shared a teaser trailer showing off the multiplayer gameplay of the upcoming smartphone title, as well as its first screenshots.


Atelier Online is described as a brand new app that has the world and game systems based on the Atelier series. In addition to the mellow world setting, the game is packed with synthesis features, strategic battles that revolve around time-lines, and other charms from the series made to be played with ease on smartphone.


Again, with online support you’ll get to adventure, synthesize, and cooperate with other players as part of a new experience for the Atelier series.


Here are some features for the game:

  • Synthesize and Adventure with Many: With online support, you’ll get to adventure, synthesize, and battle together with others.


  • Beautiful Fields: Appearances, monsters, items to gather, are all different depending on the time, season, and weather.


  • Gathering/Synthesis: The game is filled with abundant items and enhanced synthesis elements and more.


  • Battle: Work together with friends for strategic battles. You’ll also get to use items in the fights.


  • Play Style: Freely customize costumes and skills. You’ll also get to freely switch equipment.


And here’s a look at some screenshots:






Atelier Online launches this winter in Japan for iPhone and Android. It’ll be free-to-play with micro-transactions for items.

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