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Atelier Ryza Season Pass Schedule Has New Weapon Skins, Costumes, Additional Story, Maps, And BGM



    Gust shared the DLC schedule for Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout that features a bunch of extra content from the “Kuken Island Fulfillment Pass” Season Pass for 7,480 yen.


    Below is the full schedule of DLC, which includes their standalone prices:


    Part 1 – Atelier Series History BGM Pack

    Release: October 2019

    Price: Free

    A free DLC that features music from the Atelier series with over 960 tracks for you to choose.


    Part 2 – Weapon Skins, Additional Story (Tao, Lent)

    Release: October through November 2019


    Weapon Skins

    Price: 220 yen each

    ss0201 ss0202


    Ryza weapon skins

     ss0204 ss0205


    Klaudia weapon skins

    ss0207 ss0208


    Lent weapon skins


    ss0210 ss0211


    Tao weapon skins

    ss0213 ss0214


    Empel weapon skins

    ss0216 ss0217


    Lila weapon skins

    Additional Story (Tao, Lent)

    Price: 660 yen each


    ss0401 ss0402

    Tao’s story

    ss0403 ss0404

    Lent’s story

    Part 3 – Costumes, Additional Stories (Season Event, Empel, Lila)

    Release: November through December 2019



    Price: 330 yen each


    ss0301 ss0302

    Ryza’s Sunny Light Flower costume

    ss0303 ss0304

    Klaudia’s Elegant Mermaid costume

    ss0305 ss0306

    Lent’s Muscle Vulcano costume

    ss0307 ss0308

    Tao’s Captain Tao costume

    ss0309 ss0310

    Empel’s Ocean Dandy costume

    ss0311 ss0312

    Lila’s Cool Selenite costume

    Additional Story

    Price: 660 yen each


    ss0405 ss0406

    Empel’s Story

    ss0407 ss0408

    Season event (November~December release for 660 yen) The story is set on a private beach through an unlocked “Island Map” once you get to a certain part in the story. The story here isn’t voiced and is limited to parts of the game’s system.


    Part 4 –  Additional Story (Klaudia), Additional Map, BGM Pack

    Release: November through December 2019


    Additional Story

    Price: 660 yen


    Klaudia’s story


    Additional Map

    Price: 990 yen

    A super high-difficulty map where you can get rare materials and fight powerful bosses. There will also be new material to get here.


    Gust Extra BGM Pack

    Price: 990 yen

    Features over 350 tracks of other Gust titles from Atelier Lulua to Ciel noSurge and Augmented Reality Girls Trinary.


    Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Scarlet Hideout is now available in Japan for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. The game releases for PS4, Switch, and PC in North America on October 29, 2019 and in Europe on November 1, 2019. In case you missed it, check our previous report for a super-detailed figure of Ryza coming out in June 2020.

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