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Atelier Ryza’s New Screenshots Give Us A Better Look At Lent, Tao, Klaudia, Plus Story Details



We recently learned about some of Ryza’s best friends we’ll meet in Atelier Ryza, and Gust shared a closer look with more details and screenshots for Lent, Tao, Klaudia, along with more on its story and world.


Here are details from the game’s official website, starting with the story:

The story is about boys and girls “finding” something they’ve yet to see.

Kuken Island is an island that floats in the middle of a lake.

The story is set on Razenboden Village located on the island.

Ryza is an ordinary girl, not unlike any other, who lives in the village.

Feeling uneasy with the boring village life, a group of affable comrades gather to talk about their dreams and work up their motivation to plan a way out.



However, the resolved Ryza and friends decided to go to the “Opposite Shore of the Island” which is prohibited to go to, as they set off on their very first exploration.




There they encounter a man who wields a special kind of power called alchemy. Enchanted by this power, Ryza requests the man to take her as his disciple and teach her alchemy. With this newfound power of alchemy, Ryza and friends can now visit places they weren’t able to before and have each taken steps towards their dreams after leaving behind the boring days.


On the other hand, a certain threat has approached Kuken Island. Before they knew it, Ryza and friends would go on “an adventure of just one summer” that the rest of the villagers would never find out about, something different from their usual daily activities.




Lent Marslink (CV: Takuma Terashima)


Childhood friends with Ryza and Tao. He gets the cold shoulder from the villagers after a certain incident, and he dreams of achieving something big that could win them over.



He may look like a frivolous young man, but he greatly values friendship and is softhearted. He’s a man of common sense and keeps the unpredictable Ryza’s actions in check.






Tao Mongarten (CV: Yui Kondo)


Tao is a bit of a bullied bookworm who is childhood friends with Ryza and Lent. He’s often seen carrying around a profound ancient book that he continues to try deciphering. For this reason, he’s treated as a bit of an oddball in the village.



He’s timid and isn’t the best when it comes to social situations, but he’d never abandon his friends. He has an intelligent and tenacious sense of curiosity, and an exceptional ability to focus.






Klaudia Valentz (CV: Hitomi Owada)


Unlike the others, Klaudia is a new friend who arrived in the village. Klaudia moves to the village together with her father who works as a merchant. Since she’s always traveling together with her father, she never got the opportunity to make proper friends.



She has a gentle personality but has strong determination deep down and isn’t one to have her opinions easily swayed.






Rubert Valentz (CV: Keiji Hamada)


Rubert is Klaudia’s stern father. He has spent his life building up his big firm and now travels with a caravan of merchants for a journey. He clearheaded and has a personality that is built on reason, so he dislikes any kind of action that isn’t thought out. However, he can be a little overprotective when it comes to his daughter Klaudia.





Here are some screenshots to show more of the world:



Ryza is shown wandering deep in the quiet forest by the waterside. The trees are bright red and the water reflects the light. Just what kind of scenery awaits farther out there?




In the depths of the collapsed ruins, solemn builds stand by the bay. The crepuscular rays shine through the forest, as the sun sets and illuminates the deteriorated structures. Perhaps you can peek inside for a new kind of adventure by stepping foot inside?




In the middle of the town that looks out to the lake, Ryza is shown standing by a building. The sight of the blue sky and lake is said to be quite the view that is said to bring a calm sense of relaxation. It makes you wonder what kind of people lived here and what their everyday lives were like.


Atelier Ryza: The Queen of Eternal Darkness & The Scarlet Hideout releases for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in Japan on September 26, 2019. Check here for a look at its limited edition version. That game will also release on PC. You can also check our previous report for a look at its first screenshots, details on the protagonist, and more.

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