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Atelier Shallie Gives Us A Look At The Life Task System



Atelier Shallie: The Alchemists of the Dusk Sea brings back familiar characters while introducing new ones, but it’s also full new features, as well. In Gust’s latest video for the game, they give us a look at the Life Task system.


The Life Task system is basically a quest system that gives you objectives like “Let’s get used to fighting more,” “Let’s do a good job at work,” or “Let’s defeat the Sand Dragon” at the 0:50 mark in the video, followed by a short clip of the fight.


Upon completing Life Task objectives, your character’s harvesting abilities improve as more tasks and gathering points become available. Think of it as something like a checklist for different goals.


The progression varies according to previous choices, so you might have a different progression in your Life Task when compared to other players.


Next up in the video, they give us a look at the “Growth” system that allows players to enhance their characters after reaching level 40, and the “Motivation” system that can provide all kinds of bonuses as well as negative effects. You can read more details about them in our earlier report.


Atelier Shallie: The Alchemists of the Dusk Sea will be released in Japan on July 17, 2014 for PlayStation 3.

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