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Atelier Sophie Has A New Puzzle-Like Synthesis System



We recently met two new friends of Atelier Sophie: Alchemist of the Mysterious Book with Marko and Monika, and we now have a look at the game’s new synthesis system, and how to customize Plachta.



There are different types of alchemy pots, and each one has their own attributes, such as different panels and other effects that are given to the completed item.



Next, you put in different items into the pot. Sometimes, you’ll get the same type of item that comes in a different shape, so you’ll want to pick the ones that go best in the panels.



If you place in a bonus slot, you’ll get extra points based on the level indicated on the panel slot. By using the points acquired through the bonus, you’ll get to use effects such as “Quality Up,” and the different item shapes, then get even more bonus points.



Once you’re done, you can use your acquired points to add various effects on the finished product. If you don’t get the desired effect, you can simply do it over by putting the same ingredients back together in the pot.



Finally, you can raise the effects of the item, choose its characteristics, and you’re done.


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Once you’re done synthesizing, you might get some ideas for new recipes. Whether it’s from gathering items for synthesis, an idea that comes during a synthesis session, or perhaps after using an item in battle. There are many ways to get ideas for your next new recipe.


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Sophie might not be the best at alchemy, but after meeting Plachta, she’ll begin to learn more and more through recipes and training, and her strong desire of “wanting to make people happy with alchemy,” will continue leading her to that path.


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Once Sophie becomes better at alchemy, she’ll be given a special outfit to show for it, as she continues her journey to learn more in order to make people happier.



After Sophie’s alchemy skills become more proficient, Plachta will go from a book to human form. As their bond deepens, the “Doll Make” system unlocks, where you’ll get to customize Plachta.



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Doll Make lets you use different items to change Plachta’s abilities and appearance. These items are acquired throughout Sophie’s journey or through synthesis. There are four main items that are needed for the Doll Make. These parts can vary depending on the type of item used.


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Atelier Sophie: Alchemist of the Mysterious Book will release in Japan on September 25, 2015 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita.

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