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Atelier Sophie Introduces Leon And Details More Of Its Battle System



So far we’ve been introduced to different characters of Atelier Sophie: Alchemist of the Mysterious Book with Monika, Oskar, Corneria, and Harol. This week’s Japanese video game magazines introduce us to three more characters and provide more details on the game’s battle features. [Thanks, Game Jouhou.]


As usual, keep in mind that the spelling of the names are subject to change once Gust or Koei Tecmo provide official updates.


Leon (CV: Mayumi Iizuka):

Age: 24


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Leon is a young tailor girl who wandered into town. It might seem like she has a bit of a cold-hearted personality, but she’s just not good at expressing herself. She has nothing but absolute confidence in her work. She uses a spear as her weapon of choice, and can use stun-type items.


Julio Sebard Leidenschaft (CV: Genki Okawa):

Age: 19


A young knight who arrived from a neighboring country called Adarett. He has an eloquent and soft demeanor. He’s honest, and practically has a picture-perfect personality. He’s been trying to learn more about alchemy due to certain reasons. Julio uses a great sword as his weapon, but is bad at using items.


Fritz Weissberg (CV: Kenyu Horiuchi):

Age: 51


Fritz is a former mercenary that now goes around different lands to perform puppet shows. He has a calm and easy-going personality, but he’s completely different when it comes to puppets. He uses two swords in combat, and is also bad at using items like Julio.



Atelier Sophie has a cooperative ability feature called “Chain Link”. This is activated by filling up the meter on the bottom of the screen, and you do so by using items and attacking. It gets lowered by taking hits. Chain Links require you to match characters and their stances (attack/defense) in order to pull off.


Here are some of the abilities you can do with Chain Link:


  • Offense Act: a cooperative attack that can be activated after the meter fills up to a certain amount with two characters in attack stance. It’s more powerful than your regular support attack.


  • Special Attack: a special attack between three characters that can activate when all characters are in attack stance and fill up the meter all the way. The third person’s attack is unique, and they have their own little scene.


  • Defense Act: a cooperative defense move can activate when all party members are in defense stance and with the meter filled up to a certain amount. Not only does it reduce damage, but it also recovers HP and provides other supporting effects.


  • Special Guard: can be activated when all members are in defense stance and fill up the meter all the way. It creates an effect that heals all the party members in the entire field.


Atelier Sophie: Alchemist of the Mysterious Book will release in Japan on September 25, 2015 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita.

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